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Bernadette Barber is a regular contributor to the journal “Governance & Compliance”, a specialist publication for company secretaries and governance professionals

Here is a selection of recent articles.

The Simple Things in Life
Over time corporate structures can become too big and complicated. Bernadette Barber examines how the annual costs of running larger groups of companies can be significantly reduced by undertaking a corporate simplification project.
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Bribery Act
Bernadette Barber considers the practical implications for directors of the Bribery Act requirements.
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Women on Boards
The issue of gender equality in the boardroom has become high profile. Bernadette Barber considers steps which might help achieve this in practice.
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Cutting the Clutter
Narrative reporting requirements have expanded greatly in recent years. In this article, Bernadette Barber examines how organisations can ensure their key messages are not lost in the process.
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The problems of short-termism
The Kay Review looked at the problems caused when the market, with an eye to making a quick profit, influences longer-term corporate decision-making. Bernadette Barber takes a look at this knotty problem.
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Mapping the Gap
The difference between theoretical and real NHS governance practice has been examined in an ICSA report. Bernadette Barber considers the use of board agendas as a tool for driving better practice.
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Executive Remuneration
This hot topic comes under the spotlight in this analysis by Bernadette Barber of where some of the problems lie.
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Auditor Rotation
The hitherto cosy world of external audit has come under increasing scrutiny. Bernadette Barber ponders what the implications might be.
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Trust is Crucial
Public trust in many organisations has been eroded in recent times. Bernadette Barber looks at the reasons behind this and what can be done to ‘stop the rot’.
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